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The Ockendon Witch launched with a YouTube Premiere

on Tuesday 25 AUGUST 2020 8PM

(20:00 HOURS GMT) until 23.59 HOURS 8 SEPTEMBER 2020.

The Ockendon Witch returns for a limited run as part of the Thurrock Festival from 20:00 HOURS GMT Saturday 19 SEPTEMBER 2020.

It's 1584 and Agnes Byllinge has been brought before a virtual court facing accusations of witchcraft and incest. The threat to her is serious, and deadly. Will she defy the odds? Or will she find herself hanging by the neck until life is extinct?


Based on the real trials of Agnes Byllinge in 1583-4, this digital piece imagines how things might have unfolded if by some witchcraft it was conducted virtually during a sixteenth century plague lockdown.

Animals are dying, people have suffered inexplicable illnesses and Agnes is to blame, or so the villagers claim. Then there is the unusual relationship with her son. Is she guilty of witchcraft and incest, or is she merely a scapegoat? You decide…

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FREE TO WATCH The Ockendon Witch will be available to watch free on YouTube from 20:00 hours GMT Tuesday 25 August 2017 until 8 September 2020. It will then return for the Thurrock Festival from 20:00 hours GMT Saturday 19 September 2020.